Dealer, Yacht Broker Certification Programs Collaborate

MraaThe Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program and the Yacht Brokers Association of America’s Certified Professional Yacht Broker Program today announced a collaborative effort to further the development of their respective members. 

CPYB certification is the boating industry’s brand of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America. The CPYB designation is the most prestigious accreditation a yacht sales professional can earn within the recreational marine industry and CPYB professionals must attain a minimum number of educational credits in order to maintain their Certification.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Jp Skov PicRecently, it came to my attention how few of us actually take full advantage of the services offered by our association, YBAA.  I’m going to make an educated guess that most of you joined YBAA to advance your business. You might have joined for the educational seminars, the ability to network with your fellow brokers, the accreditation that your business gets for being part of an industry related association or for something as simple as gaining access to our professional forms. The bottom line is that by joining an organization such as YBAA you are showing the retail customer that you are a committed professional in the industry. It is my opinion that the single most important thing you can do, as a “Yacht Sales Professional,” is to acquire your CPYB certification as soon as you are eligible. The ability to pass the CPYB exam and become certified is one of, if not the most important benefit available to the members of our association. What are you waiting for?

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Down the Conditional Acceptance and Escrow Agreement “rabbit hole”

Lochner PhotoOften a Broker, or any reasonable person, examines the legal aspects of particular situation only to be left with the feeling that they have just looked down a rabbit hole into a Lewis Carroll inspired wonderland.   The reason is that frequently the law and reality have nothing to do with one another. In the reality of a broker’s world, a deal is not rejected and a contract survives even though the buyer may want a few fixes after survey. 

The buyer will frequently “conditionally accept” the vessel as long as this or that is fixed.   The law sees this in a way which is different than the reality of brokerage. From the point of view of the law, the buyer made an offer which was accepted by the seller, at which point, there was a "meeting of the minds".  The meeting of the minds included a term allowing the buyer to later reject the vessel, ending the contract, with no penalty.  That is what the buyer does with the conditional acceptance when it is used in place of an addendum. 

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5 Ways to Identify the Ideal Client for Yacht Donation

Amikids New Logo

AMIkids Boat Program is excited to be a part of the next YBAA e-Seminar, November 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm ET. The presentation will include a follow-up portion from our last e-Seminar discussing our program and its benefits in greater detail, as well as introducing 5 Ways to Identify the Ideal Client for Yacht Donation. Some of these areas include vessels that have been on the market for an extended period of time, owner of a vessel moving onto a new endeavor, unexpected life events, overall convenience, and does a vessel owe a return after years of enjoyment? 

After nearly 50 years and 6,000 yachts, our organization has established an impeccable track record of success. We’ve helped over 135,000 youth gain a new purpose in life through our 43 programs in nine states. Our program is designed to create a safe alternative for yachtsmen around the country while helping young men and women achieve a brighter tomorrow. Click here to read more about AMIKids.

8 Questions On The Future of the ACA (Obamacare) and What to Expect in 2018

YBAA Health Plans

What's going on with Replace and Repeal of the ACA?
As of today it appears none of the Republican bills are going to pass so the ACA will stay intact for now. These were considered ObamaCare “light” and really didn't fix the root of the problem. 

What other options will be available to me if I don't like the ACA plans in 2018?

The YBAA Health Insurance Exchange currently has and is working with several other carriers to offer additional NON ACA/ObamaCare plans for 2018 and these will be available in most states and counties in the US. These will have far more doctors and hospitals available and at half the cost of ObamaCare.

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Freya Olsen Photo Nmma

The YBAA annual meetings in both Annapolis, Maryland and Providence, Rhode Island in July proved to be an educational experience in understanding the relationship that the brokerage community has with the marine industry as a whole. Anytime there is an occasion for different groups within our industry to come together and learn more about the objectives and services of one another, there is a great opportunity to expand relationships and ultimately to work together towards the common goal of growing the recreational boating industry. 

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