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It's All About Communication

By: Doug Wielhouwer, CPYB, Senior Vice President Eastern Yacht Sales, Inc. YBAA Board Member

Ybaa October ArticleIt is all about Communication.

Meaningful communication is a fundamental key to success in the yacht sales industry. Why is that? Meaningful communication is the key to building relationships. And relationships drive success in yacht sales.

It seems like there are a million ways to transfer information from one place, or entity, or person, to another. The list of methods, sites, apps, media, press, is endless. And yet, meaningful communication is still a somewhat rare commodity.

The key is to realize the difference between simply delivering information and conducting meaningful communication. Meaningful communication is multifaceted. There is delivery and response. There is collaboration. The exchanges go beyond product specifications and price. They reach into who, and how, and where, the products will be used. Maybe even into why the move is being made now.

Many initial sales can be and, are completed through general communication. They may not be as dependent on the relationship with the broker. The broker or company provides information to a broad audience. A client responds. And much of the communication centers around the details of the product. Sounds pretty simple. So where does meaningful communication come into play?

The benefits of meaningful communication and relationship building come from the next time the client decides to make a boat change. Or, maybe when the client refers a friend in need of selling or buying. It is easier to sell clients the second or third boat, than it was for the first.

Above all, remember it is your responsibility to maintain the communication. Do not depend on the client’s memory of the last transaction. Reach out to them, remind them of the last time you worked together. And ask if there is anything you may do to assist.

Keep the communications and relationships going.


Doug Wielhouwer, CPYB, Senior Vice President Eastern Yacht Sales, Inc.

YBAA Board Member

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