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Board Spotlight: Let Your Clients HEAR You

By: Doug Wielhouwer, CPYB, YBAA Board Member, Eastern Yacht Sales


Science has long held that the physical features of living organisms adapt over time, based on necessity and use.  The duck has webbed feet to paddle through the water. The ant eater has a long snout to get reach its food source.

If that is truly the case. I fear the human voice box is going to get smaller and smaller, due to the overwhelming utilization of electronic communication devices. Everywhere you go, people have there heads down, concentrating on the images on the screens they hold in their hands. People don’t talk to one another. They text, or email, or tweet, or…... Even if the person is right across the room, or down the hall.

Part of a recent message I recently received, stated; “Voice communication is inefficient and largely unnecessary.”

There is some truth in that statement. However, in our wonderful world of boat and yacht sales, we are creating relationships and trust. Our communication needs to include the nuances of voice inflection, pace, feeling, and intent. In order to build a relationship, we need to do more than relate information. We need to interact. And speech is the most interactive, personal, and flexible means of communication. Both oral and written communication can be open to interpretation. The difference; you are there to counter or correct or react to misinterpretation during a conversation.

Communication comes in many forms. And, each form has its own space within relationship based sales.

Just don’t forget to humanize the relationship by actually letting your client HEAR you.

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